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Phil Mahood Fire

Bob Larmour and Tony Cording | Published on 2/22/2023

An Appeal To Friends, Fellow Vincent Owners and AMCA Family

I am sure we all have at one time or another seen a TV report, a newspaper article in which tragic and catastrophic events have been described. At the same time thinking to yourself that couldn’t happen to me, my friends or family – not me.

Well recently a catastrophic event that could have been even more tragic in conclusion happened to one of our Vincent family friends – Phil Mahood. Phil as most of you will know is our Club I.T. Officer, but he is more than that. Acknowledged as a premiere Vincent restorer, Phil was giving wonderful service to enthusiasts in Eastern Canada the U.S. The worth of Phil’s craft is his beloved Series B Rapide, which had just won 3 major concours awards. Phil’s livelihood has depended for many years on his restoration business, and that has come to a crashing halt with an unbelievable set of events that almost cost him his life and destroyed literally all his worldly possessions.

He was woken up in the middle of the night to suffocating smoke and a conflagration of fire. Phil had only moments to run for his life before his home burned to the ground.

Phil lost everything. The scope of the loss is staggering to contemplate and includes not only his shop equipment – lathe, mill, drill press, special tools, parts, but his B Rapids, plus a twin motor and a Vincent project for two of his friends. Also lost were all his clothing, riding gear, furniture, kitchenware, computers, electronics, an extensive Vincent library, and memorabilia collection. In addition, and irreplaceable by any circumstance, are family heirlooms, records, photo albums, personal items, and something not many would consider – his identity. Phil’s drivers’ license, medical card, credit cards, birth certificate, and passport all went up in smoke. That is right, everything big and small perished from a toothbrush to car keys, and his vehicle.

Rapide - Before
Phil’s story of trying to replace a driver’s license and get money out of the bank reveals obstacles that boggle the mind in this day and age of electronic communication. One of Phil’s first port of call was to get a birth certificate to prove who he was. This provided Phil with perhaps one of his few laughs as he battled bureaucracy. With persistence, and many hours on hold, he did finally obtain one. This put him back on the road to obtaining the other critical photo identification one routinely needs these days. 

Rapide - After

Vincent B Rapide, from Concours...
to charred, twisted metal - But still a Vincent

However, in the end, Phil needs a hand to get back on his feet to an independent,
modest, and normal life. Knowing the generosity of this club we, his Canadian friends,
are launching a fund-raising effort to help him get there. All contributions will be
gratefully accepted and acknowledged.
Melted Cylinder Heads – Barely recognizable
The basement shop - scene of so many
Vincent restorations.

We have approached Phil on how he feels about this, and he is quite overwhelmed at
the thought of this support. He has committed to giving a full accounting of how all
donated funds are used. Further, if you wish to simply send messages of support to Phil. he can be reached at:

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the attached will show
graphically the devastation that took place, and serve as a reminder to us all about fire precaution and prevention.

In the meantime, Phil will be carrying on his duties as VOC IT Officer and Section
Organizer with the support of friends and family. He is finding this volunteer work to be a wonderful distraction and a valuable touchstone to his life before the fire.

Your contribution can be made via PayPal or Interac E-Transfer (Canada) directly to Phil, at

Cheques, in Canadian or $US funds, can be mailed to:
Phil Mahood
841 – 340 McLeod Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2P 1A4

Thank you for your consideration,

Bob Larmour #18951 and Tony Cording #18953

P.O. Box 663, HUNTSVILLE, AL 35804