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Motorcycle judging is one of the most visible programs of the AMCA. For spectators, a trip to the judging field at an AMCA National Meet can be as good as, or better than, a visit to a motorcycle museum display. But the judging program also offers an opportunity for the Club to recognize the efforts of members to preserve significant pieces of motorcycling history.

Unlike many motorcycle shows, the AMCA does not judge machines against each other to pick a winner. Instead, antique motorcycles (those 35 years old or older), are judged against the way they would have appeared when they were first delivered to the dealer decades ago. Each motorcycle starts with a perfect 100 points, and points are deducted for incorrect components ranging from parts to paint.

Motorcycles are judged in two broad categories: restored or original. Restored motorcycles are those machines that have been returned to their original appearance after many years, while original motorcycles are those rare machines that have survived the decades with their factory paint and equipment intact. Within those broad categories, there are classes divided by decade from the beginning of the motorcycle era through the most modern motorcycles eligible for judging.

Motorcycles entered in the AMCA judging program can progress through four award categories, each with more-stringent requirements: Junior Second, Junior First, Senior and Winners Circle. After that, an owner can continue to earn Winners Circle Preservation Awards by maintaining the bike in award condition and entering it in the judging program at subsequent meets.

Getting involved in the AMCA judging program is simple. If you own a motorcycle that fits the age restriction, you can pre-register to have it judged at upcoming events for the entire year by going to the Judging Pre-Registration  page. Before entering your bike for the first time, though, you might want to download the official AMCA Judging Handbook that discusses the rules, the awards and the entire program in much greater detail. See a sample Judges Form  to get an idea of procedures.

Note: At the end of 2021 it was announced that Winner's Circle points were being changed to 98 points. This has recently been changed back to 95-points for Winner's Circle, but a new category called Winner's Circle Marque Excellence has been added that will require "98-points" to achieve. Participation will require pre-registration and the standard registration fee, submission of six photos to be reviewed by our Judging Committee prior to being judged on the field by Marque Specialist. For more information contact AMCA Customer Service at (855) 398-8688.

Once a bike reaches the Winner's Circle status, those bikes are always welcome back to the judging field at no cost to the current owner. We are just happy you are kind enough to share your motorcycle with the public.

At all AMCA National Meets, additional National Recognition Awards are presented to the oldest motorcycle, the most unique motorcycle, the three motorcycles ridden the farthest distance to the meet and the three top-ranked Period-Modified motorcycles entered.

Together, those classes provide a variety of ways in which you can earn recognition for preserving and restoring classic motorcycles. And whether you end up with a near-perfect Winners Circle restoration or you just like looking at beautiful old bikes, the AMCA Judging Program is a great way to get in touch with the past. 

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