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These are the committees defined within The Antique Motorcycle Club of America. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
All AMCA Chapter Newsletter Editors
All AMCA Chapter Presidents
All AMCA Chapter Secretaries
All AMCA Chapter Treasurers
All AMCA Chapter Vice Presidents
All AMCA Chapter Webmasters
AM Advertisers
AMCA Newsletter Sponsors
To send newsletters to.
AMCA Volunteers
Explore ways to encourage current AMCA Members to form new Chapters and to socialize and share information in their own geographic area. Utilize Constant Contact for communication, the AMCA Communications Policy and any form of social media to foster Chapter development. Work with the Executive Director to implement this assignment. Approve New Chapter logos. Consider Chapter affiliation/association with antique and classic motorcycle groups not currently associated with the AMCA.
Recruit AMCA Members from the general Membership to serve on the P&P established Internal Audit Committee. Provide necessary support and financial records requested by the committee. o Review the committee's report and present it to the Board. o Provide periodic review of the Executive Director's performance when required or requested. Address issues of policy vs. operations when they arise to provide guidance to the Executive Director. Encourage the Executive Director to seek guidance when such issues arise. Report to the Board. This committee's periodic assessment is not to be substituted for the required year end Executive Director performance review by the Board.
Review all Club financial procedures and records, including records and reports from outside contractors, to assure accurate reporting of the Club's finances. This Committee does not take the place of the required oversight responsibilities of the entire Board.
Committee - International Organization Liaison
To keep up with other organizations around the world
The Judging Committee will arbitrate any issues between the Chief Judge and AMCA members/owners of judged motorcycles that could not be resolved “on the field” of judging. The committee will review materials submitted and make a determination of the motorcycle's status. (Note: these issues normally involve a “pending” issue of disqualification from AMCA judging.) The Judging Committee will update all judging materials and procedures as necessary. Committee results will be submitted to the BOD for approval.
Committee - National Events
Oversee National Meets and Road Runs
Relationship between the AMCA and AMF. The President and ED
Review all existing insurance policies to assure the Club and its Chapters are properly insured. Review all renewal procedures and agent contacts. Establish a procedure to add new Chapters and employees to the policies.
Encourage Chapters to sponsor National Meets and Road Runs. Address concerns and needs of Chapters sponsoring National Meets and make recommendations to the Board. Develop guidelines for the geographic location and timing of Meets and Road Runs to avoid overlap and conflicts.
Pending Memberships
Propose and discuss suggested changes to the P&P and prepare drafts for consideration and approval by the Board.
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