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Judging Results - Perkiomen Meet 2024

William Wood | Published on 5/3/2024

Judging Results from the 2024 Perkiomen National Meet in Oley, PA


Oldest 1900 Fleming Motor Cycle Danny McGill
Long Distance 1 1948 Indian Chief (565 mi.) Richard Watson
Long Distance 2 1973 Harley-Davidson FLH (100.8 mi.) Gary Cain
Long Distance 3 1973 BMW R75/5 (34 mi.) Peter Murray
Period Modified 1 1920 Indian Scout Hillclimber John Weiss
Period Modified 2 1950 Triumph Thunderbird Ron Zuk
Period Modified 3 1931 Indian 101 Scout Stephen Tomasiewicz
Century Award 1900 Fleming Motor Cycle Danny McGill

Young Rider 1986 Honda VF500F Caleb Mock
Best 1920s Twin 1929 Excelsior Super X Alex Bernhardt
Best 1920s Four 1925 Henderson Deluxe Joe Ritchey
Charles L. Wolverton Award 1926 Henderson Deluxe Joe Ritchey


Joe Ritchey 1925 Henderson Deluxe Senior
Joe Ritchey 1927 Ace Four Junior Second
Alex Bernhardt 1929 Excelsior Super X Senior
George Letorney 1929 Indian 101 Scout Winners Circle

Leroy Gehman 1931 Harley-Davidson DL Junior First
James Oliver 1932 Harley-Davidson VL Junior Second
David Hinze 1934 Harley-Davidson CAC Winners Circle
Leonard Boyer 1934 Harley-Davidson VLD Junior Second
Bernard Ehrman 1936 Harley-Davidson VHS Winners Circle
David Holzerland 1938 Crocker Twin Junior First
Joe Ritchey 1938 Indian Four Senior
Joe Ritchey 1939 Indian Four Senior

Stillman Small 1941 Harley-Davidson FL Junior First
William Viereck 1947 Harley-Davidson FL Winners Circle
Mark Wesson 1948 Harley-Davidson EL Senior
Bob Preven 1948 Indian Chief Winners Circle

Stephen Herzing 1950 BMW R25 Senior
David McMunn 1955 BMW R69 Winners Circle
William Walker 1955 Harley-Davidson FL Winners Circle
Frank Campione 1957 Mv Agusta Sport 150 Senior
Kenyon Helm 1957 Norton Dominator Junior First
Doug Hughes 1958 Harley-Davidson FL Winners Circle
David McMunn 1959 BMW R/50 Winners Circle

Bryan Simoes 1960 Harley-Davidson FLH Junior First
Dennis Willette 1960 Harley-Davidson FLH Winners Circle
Dale Prusinowski 1964 Mv Agusta 125 Gran Turismo Lusso Junior First
Bill Geller 1965 Honda CB77 Marque Excellence
David Dryden 1966 Harley-Davidson FLH Junior First
David Ley 1967 BMW R60 Junior First
Michael Engard 1967 Ducati Cadet 100 Junior First
William Walker 1967 Harley-Davidson FLH Winners Circle
John Weiss 1967 Suzuki X6 Scrambler Winners Circle
Mike Podger 1969 Kawasaki H1 Junior First

Craig Nelson 1971 Harley-Davidson FLH Winners Circle
Michael Giordani 1971 Honda CL70 Senior
Michael Weiss 1971 Suzuki TC90 Winners Circle
Mike Podger 1972 Kawasaki H2 Junior First
Gary Cain 1973 Harley-Davidson FLH Junior First
Robert Bowers 1973 Harley-Davidson FLH Junior First
Michael Weiss 1973 Suzuki GT250 Winners Circle
Chris Lord 1974 Triumph TR5T Trophy Trail Winners Circle
John Murray 1975 BMW R75/6 Junior First
Darryl Cutter 1975 BMW R90/S Winners Circle
Todd Weed 1976 BMW R75/6 Winners Circle
Robert Hayes 1976 Suzuki RM370A Winners Circle
William Walker 1978 Harley-Davidson SX175 Winners Circle

David Koons Sr. 1980 Honda CB900C Junior First
Keith Thomas 1982 Harley-Davidson FXRS Senior
William Earhart 1983 Harley-Davidson FLHTC Winners Circle
Duane Smith 1983 Harley-Davidson XR1000 Junior First
Curtis Dorwart 1983 Honda Shadow Junior First
Matt Camarati 1984 Harley-Davidson FXST Winners Circle
Joann Spagnolli 1986 Honda CMX250 Rebel Junior First
Caleb Mock 1986 Honda VF500F Senior
John Weiss 1986 Kawasaki Ninja 600R Winners Circle

Thank you to our Judging Team for this event!

Dennis B. Willette, Melvin Koester, Peter Reeves, Bill Cawley, Gordon Johnson, Pasquale Mesto, Jack Mohler, Bob Provencher, Charles Bent, James M. Graulty, Milo Valoppi, Alex Bernhardt, Peter MacMurray, Doug Hughes, Michael Giordani, Robert Brandner, George Kyller, Craig Nelson, Mike Podger, Steve Slocombe, Ronald Zuk, Adam Mucci, Steve Pozza, Jonathan Esenwein, Maine Smith, Keith Kizer, Joseph Winberry, George Naylor, Todd Weed, Maurice Donini, Richard Spagnolli, Greg Bowers, David McMunn, Michael Engard, Jeremy Polson, James Oliver

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