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Cannonball 2018: Rainout!

Published on 9/10/2018

Sep 10, 2018

2018 Cannonball: Rainout!

2018 Cannonball Route

Cannonball 2018JAMESTOWN, NY—A massive area of rain associated with the remnants of Hurricane Gordon caused the cancellation of today’s scheduled 227-mile Cannonball route from Binghamton, New York, to Jamestown.

This marks the first time an entire Cannonball stage has been wiped out due to weather. Previously, severe storms caused the organizers to eliminate two half-days. But when the pre-run team, which leaves more than an hour before the riders, got out on today’s course, they discovered washouts and water running across some of the back roads across the southern edge of New York that were to be form the core of today’s route.

Bikes loaded for the trip to JamestownThe announcement was made as riders were getting ready to fire up their bikes in pouring rain in Binghamton. Instead, crews loaded up their riders and machines and followed an interstate course directly to Jamestown. Heavy rain continued for most of that route, making conditions even worse as the day progressed.

Here in Jamestown, the rain has passed, and it looks like we’ll have good riding weather for the next several days.

Here’s where you can catch up with the Cannonball along Tuesday’s 273-mile route from Jamestown to Bowling Green, Ohio:

7:30; 7:45; 8:00 AM: Official Start Times for Classes I, II, III, Holiday Inn Express, Jamestown, NY

4:50; 5:05; 5:20 PM: Finish Times for Classes III, II, I, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bowling Green, Ohio

2018 Cannonball Results

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