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New AMCA Website and Services

Published on 12/13/2019
Beginning Friday night, December 13, 2019. The AMCA Offices were closed until January 2nd as we made our switch from Cornerstone Registration to ClubExpress as our main membership service provider. 

This marked the switch of the AMCA Website to the new server.

As of January 2nd we were back in full service and members were able to renew memberships, and sign up for 2020 road runs.

Below are some of the new features of the site.

Today is a big day for the AMCA and its members.We have started the transition to a new membership services support organization calledClubExpress.

Yesterday (Friday, 12/13/19) was Cornerstone Registration's final day as the club's full-time membership services company. They did a great job providing services for the past decade and we are forever indebted to them.AMCA now starts a new chapter to our long history by expanding our services and benefits for AMCA members.

IMPORTANT NOTE:AMCA membership services will be closed starting today and reopening on January 2nd as we transition our membership services toClubExpress.On January 2ndwe will be “open for business” fully supported by theClubExpressstaff.
All AMCA members will receive a Service Announcement email on December 29threminding you of the upcoming changes and alerting you to an introduction email coming to you directly fromClubExpresson January 2nd.This email will contain instructions on how to register on the new AMCA site.

PLEASE, don’t ignore it!It will be the perfect time to register on the site. The great part about this registration login is that you can have the system can remember you if you check the “REMEMBER ME” option. If you select this option, your future visits to the AMCA site will automatically remember your login credentials and you won't have to re-enter your login data each time you visit the AMCA site. But don't forget to choose the "REMEMBER ME" option when you register to enable this feature.
That's just the first cool part of the website. Now members will have access to every single archive issue ofThe Antique Motorcyclegoing back to 1960. Need information on a National Meet or Road Run? No more having to find the hosting chapters website or an ad for the information. Simply go to the National's event page or event calendar and click on the event. All the information you need is now all in one place. Want to register a bike for judging? Just click on the red "registration button" and sign up. If the venue or the chapter has a website with specific information for the event, again there will be a link to access that information.
Interested in joining a chapter? Now finding a chapter in your area just got easier. Click on the "Chapter Finder" link and each chapter is listed worldwide through our new Google Map display. Just click on a Continent, then State or Region, and then the blue “nearby” button.

If you want to see all Chapters listed by State, click the “List View” button.
Want to see a member's video or maybe load your own? The AMCA now has its own YouTube channel where you can find stories on specific bikes or see the new Judges Training Video co-authored our own Chief Judge Don Dzurick.

These are just some of the features that we will show you over the weeks and months to come. If you have any problems logging in or navigating the website,ClubExpressoffers LIVE technical assistance from 8:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Friday to assist members.

Watch for the email on January 2ndthen have fun visiting the new website.
P.O. Box 663, HUNTSVILLE, AL 35804