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New Merchandise Website Up and Going

Published on 1/21/2020
You may have noticed that the Merchandise website got taken down over the weekend.

Well, here is what happened. We launched a new merchandise website last summer as a temporary bandaid until the full website was up and going.

With that up and running, we decided to completely take down the AMCA Merchandise and start from scratch. ClubExpress and IPS Logistix (Our Fulfillment House) worked together to help AMCA create a brand new AMCA Merchandise website managed through Shopify, the world leader in e-commerce management. After being down for four days and our inventory being completely recounted, I am proud to say we have an all new improved website and all the computers are now getting along like Harley's and Indians on a road run.

We hope you enjoy the new shopping experience. Just go to Features / Merchandise and you are ready to order. 
P.O. Box 663, HUNTSVILLE, AL 35804