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My Entire History with Bikes

Troyce Walls  | Published on 4/1/2020

Born on a Mountain Top in Tennessee (well, north Alabama) – anybody old enough here to remember the D. Crockett song?

Wanted a horse or pony so bad I actually prayed about it until one day, about age 11.  That fateful day, my buddy across the fields got a brand spankin’ new used Allstate moped.  He let me ride it.  Everything changed.  What one might label a paradigm shift.  

I spent the next month’s devising ways to attach any of the various old B&S and whatever other motors I could find to my bicycle, with what could generously be called only modest results.  As part of the multi-pronged attack, I also began to casually leave Honda model brochures and Sears Catalogs around in places like Dad’s chair, opened to the beginner bikes.  

Earnest determination has its rewards, and finally I scored my first real motorized two-wheeler, a completely worn-out and decrepit Cushman Eagle.  Then came the new Allstate moped for Christmas that year, and now, literally several hundreds of motorcycles owned, and thousands ridden, here I find myself still lovin’ ‘em.

I always told my bikeless office mates when I’d arrive mornings at work, “You just do not know what you are missing.”  


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