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Women of the AMCA - Wauseon 2019

Lori Faber, Member #2384 | Published on 8/1/2019

I am Lori Faber, chairperson for the AMCA Women’s committee, and I have been involved with this club for 22 years. There are many women involved in the AMCA, and the committee was started to promote those ladies and show you the many different ways they are involved in the club. I now have really come to appreciate the lifeline of friendships, knowledge, and parts the AMCA has to offer.
Since I co-own Faber Cycle with my husband, Tom, where we manufacture parts and accessories for vintage motorcycles, as well as ride and race them, I know how difficult it can be to piece together something like a 1936 VL or 1939 Sport Scout without knowing about the AMCA club or swap meets.
I have been a parts vendor now for 20 years, and I still get giddy with excitement as we pack the motorhome, despite the incredible amount of work needed to pack up our shop, and hit the road. I have watched many families grow together at the meets, and it just warms my heart to see a little girl’s beaming face as she rides in a sidecar of a 70 year old machine, or a little boy being chauffeured around in a custom wagon. Then, I later see those children and grandchildren grown up to be
enthusiasts themselves. They have the same love and appreciation for rusty metal, and they enjoy turning a stuck piece of rust into a workable, rideable, totally cool machine. 
(Pictured are Lori Faber, Andria Keil, Gloria Withrow, Cyndi Etzel, Karen VanderSluis, Susie Burch, Anne-Marie Balcer, Annie Kenney, Ronni Moyer, Amy Sharp, Leah Knight, Susan Brutus, Denise Rich-Gross, Mary Corso, Dawn Martines, Lori Butler, and Edie Erwin.)

At Wauseon this year, we had a fun gathering of ladies on Friday afternoon with refreshments and raffle prizes at our vending spot. If you missed it, keep your eye out for more upcoming get-togethers at future meets.
Thanks to my friend that donated the Cris Sommer Simmons’ book, The American Motorcycle Girls, for the raffle grand prize, and a special thanks to everyone who stopped by. 
I truly enjoy listening to everyone’s stories, and I sure look forward to seeing all of my swap meet friends. Every year, that list of friends gets longer and longer. Now, I know I could travel anywhere in the country and have a phone number of someone I could call if I were in need. How cool is that? The people we meet, and the contacts we make, create camaraderie that are treasured forever.
(Anne-Marie Balcer holding the donated book of Cristine Sommer Simmons) 

(Brandi Riggle and son Hudson hanging out in Oley while dad (Evan Riggle) is judging motorcycles)
(AMF Board Member, and AMCA Judge Denise Rich-Gross.)

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