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Women in Judging

Dr. Denise Rich-Gross, Member #2330 | Published on 6/1/2020

Okay, not Judge Judy kind of judging. Old motorcycle judging. Hello all my AMCA friends. I am writing this article to share some information regarding the process of going through the Judging Apprentice Program. I have chosen this topic to write about because it is something that I have enjoyed participating in since the early 90’s. My first exposure to this was through the eyes of Doc Patt, and my lady friend Alice Gerhart. At that time Doc Patt felt the ladies would be judging the scooters and small bikes.
Things have changed since then and the women in the AMCA are more involved in the judging program.  When I first started I took it upon myself to try to get my Apprentice Field Judges signatures filled up. I had signatures under the categories of Prewar, Postwar, Military and Competition obtained from Assistant Chief Judges and Chief Judges three times under each category.
It required me to wake up on Sunday morning early to attend the Judges breakfast at 8:00 AM to eat and discuss topics relevant to judging and work with a team to judge the bikes in my area which is Harley Davidson. I have grown in my area of expertise and continue to gain knowledge regarding the process of judging and computation of scores as well as the acceptable changes now recognized. It is a great way to learn, if a person is interested in participating and uncomfortable with their knowledge level, just volunteer to hold the clipboard and write with a judging team in your favorite marque of motorcycle. You can always talk to me if you have any questions or Don Dzurick. 

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