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Judging Results - Sunshine Meet 2022

Alison Finfrock | Published on 3/5/2022

Judging Results from the 2022 Sunshine Chapter National Meet in New Smyrna Beach, FL


Oldest Doug Wothke 1912 Harley-Davidson 8A
Most Unique Ron Zuk 1950 Triumph
Period Modified 1st Pl Ron Zuk 1950 Triumph
Period Modified 2nd Pl Mickey Yaccarino 1952 Harley-Davidson Panhead
Longest Distance 1st Pl Richard Watson - 100th Win 1951 Indian Chief
Century Medallion Doug Wothke 1912 Harley-Davidson 8A
Century Medallion Jack Stauffer 1916 Indian Model K
Century Medallion Kevin Oliver 1922 Indian POWER PLUS

Awards Earned:  JS = Junior Second,    JF = Junior First,    S = Senior,    1WC = 1st-Time Winner's Circle,    WC = Repeat Winner's Circle,    ME = Marque Excellence

John Jefferson 1922 Indian Scout JF
Richard Campbell 1928 Zundapp Z200 JF

Douglas Spranger 1948 Triumph 3T 1st WC
Jorge Ampuero 1955 BMW R25 S
Steve Obst 1955 Harley-Davidson FLH JF
William Alford 1956 BLOCKHOUSE BRAVE 1st WC
Terry Bennett 1957 Harley-Davidson 165ST S

Marc Cavalari 1963 Harley-Davidson DUO GLIDE 1st WC
Brian Kent 1963 Harley-Davidson SCAT JF
Debra Searcy 1965 BSA B40 WC
Gordon Bass 1965 Honda CL72 JF
Kevin Lemire 1965 Royal Enfield Interceptor WC
Newell Wright 1966 BMW R60/2 JF
Jim Edleston 1967 Bridgestone 90 SPORT JF
Brian Kent 1967 Matchless G15 JF
Kevin Lemire 1968 Kawasaki W2SS JF
Norman Buck 1969 BMW R60US JF
Frank Lipinski 1969 Triumph T120R S

Mike Grossberg 1970 Honda CL450 1st WC
Frank Lipinski 1970 Triumph BONNEVILLE T120R WC
Wallace Haynes 1971 Honda CT90 WC
Kevin Lemire 1972 Benelli TORNADO 650 JS
Mike Grossberg 1972 Honda CL175 1st WC
Jack Stauffer 1974 Yamaha RD250D WC
R. Craig Ashbaugh 1975 Harley-Davidson Z90 S
Michael Groves 1976 Harley-Davidson SS250 JF
John Crawford 1976 Triumph T140V JF
Robert Brandner 1977 Honda CB50J 1st WC
Frank Lipinski 1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee S
Bill Oremovich 1979 Harley-Davidson FXE F WC
Brian Kent 1979 Triumph BONNEVILLE T140D JF

Donald Dzurick 1980 Harley-Davidson FXE WC
Wallace Haynes 1981 Harley-Davidson STURGIS LOW RIDER WC
R. Craig Ashbaugh 1985 Harley-Davidson FLHTC S
John Watjen 1985 Harley-Davidson FXRS S
Terry Whipple 1987 Harley-Davidson FXRC JF

Thank you to our Judging Team for this event!
Judges and Staff: William Alford, Timothy Allaire, Robert W. Anderson, Randy Ard, Charles Bent, Alex Bernhardt, Robert Brandner, David Carleton, John Crawford, Donald Dzurick, Metal Flake Herb Jebb, Roy Kieffer, Keith Kizer, Daniel Krause, Shannon Krause, Frank Lipinski, Greg Manders, Peter MacMurray, Joe McGarry, Pasquale Mesto, Adam Mucci, Shane Neitzey, Edward Picard, Stu Preston, Peter Reeves, Allan Sorensen, Jack Stauffer, Clive Taylor, Rick Tyson, John Watjen, Richard Watson, Terry Whipple, Sandy Yaccarino

P.O. Box 663, HUNTSVILLE, AL 35804