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Chix on 66 Presented by Harley-Davidson Teams Up with Road Guardians/Accident Scene Management

Published on 5/18/2022

Chix on 66 Presented by Harley-Davidson

Teams Up with Road Guardians/Accident Scene Management


May 16, 2022—Riveter Chapter of the AMCA welcomes Road Guardians/Accident Scene Management as a Chix on 66 ride sponsor. As a result of this sponsorship, Chix on 66 will be able to provide live entertainment for an event taking place during the ride on Sunday, June 12, in Pontiac, Illinois.

Chix on 66 is a cross-country ride being held June 11-25, comprising 40 women that will follow the entirety of Route 66 from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, adhering to the original alignment to the extent possible. For every day of the two-week, 2,500-mile journey, the group will begin and end together, but each woman can make the journey into what she wants it to be. The route will cover anywhere from 100 to 300 miles per day, with most days around 200 miles, allowing for an easy pace and ample time to stop for photos of the iconic points of interest along the Mother Road. Riveter Chapter President Karan Andrea says, “I am doubly pleased with the support we have received from Road Guardians/Accident Scene Management. While the company leads the industry in a holistic approach to motorcycle safety, co-founder Vicki Sanfelipo is a Riveter Chapter Board member.”



Accident Scene Management is the leading motorcycle trauma training organization in the world and the only motorcycle-specific Bystander Program in the U.S. Road Guardians is a membership program that supports Accident Scene Management's mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through first response education. Co-founder Vicki Sanfelipo states, “Road Guardians is proud to support the AMCA Riveter chapter's Chix on 66 ride. Being a part of something groundbreaking and so fricking cool gives us great joy, and I will be joining the group on a portion of the ride. As an organization, we look forward to following the adventures on, Facebook, and Instagram.”

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