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Did you know... Trash & Treasures Now Online!

Published on 7/26/2022

Trash and Treasures Goes Digital
Don't worry, they're staying in our magazine, too!

Let's face it - classified are an important part of restoring, maintaining, and owning an antique bike. Bikes, parts, memorabilia, and all kinds of other things can be found in those coveted pages at the back of our magazine each issue. Don't worry, they're not going anywhere. Instead, they will now ALSO be posted on our website.

Every other month - a couple weeks after the latest issue hits home - AMCA will be posting the same Trash and Treasures classified ads from the magazine on a dedicated page on our website. These ads will only be viewable by AMCA members; you'll have to log in to your AMCA profile to see them. This helps ensure that our classifieds remain for members' eyes only, to keep things exclusive to our group of antique-motorcycle-minded individuals.

Here's a computer tech tip for you - on the Trash and Treasures page, you can hit Ctrl+F to pull up a "Find" box and type in what you're looking for. Your computer will then search the page and take you to the relevant ads!
Check out our Trash and Treasures Classifieds page here
Trash and Treasures

Looking to post an ad?

AMCA members qualify for one FREE classified ad per issue. Ads can be for non-commercial items you have for sale or want to buy, related to motorcycles that are more than 35 years old, up to a 70-word limit including address, phone, and email.

Requests may be submitted by mail, email or online via our advertising page. Club members can now include a digital photograph of bikes for sale for a fee. There are a few stipulations: 1) Placing a photo ad must be done online, for sale of motorcycles, not parts or literature; 2) one horizontal image per ad; and 3) there is a $10 fee for running the photograph. Advertisements without photos are still free for members; all other previous stipulations and deadlines remain in effect.

Repeat Trash & Treasure ads must be resubmitted for inclusion in each issue.  Ads must conform to AMCA guidelines regarding content. Members must submit a current AMCA number with each ad request.

To submit free, no photo ad requests by mail, mail to: AMCA Trash & Treasure, 110 Lake Ave. S, Suite 44, Nesconset, NY 11767. 

To submit free, no photo ad requests via email, email to:

To place an ad online, go to our Advertising page and follow the instructions based on whether you want to include a photo or not Advertise

Deadlines: March/April issue: 1/1, May/June issue: 3/1, July/Aug. issue: 5/1, Sept./Oct. issue: 7/1, Nov./Dec. issue: 9/1, Jan./Feb. issue: 11/1.

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