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Alison Finfrock | Published on 9/1/2022

At the Wauseon National Meet in 2022, the first recipients of the new Winner's Circle Marque Excellence Award were presented. One was Curtis Barkley for his restored 1976 Indian MS175; the other, fittingly, was former AMCA Chief Judge Don Dzurick for his restored 1951 Harley-Davidson WLJ. Both medallions were presented at the exact same time so the distinction of receiving the first Marque Excellence Award could be bestowed upon both men.
Please join me in congratulating them both!

They are now the inaugural entries on our members-only Marque Excellence Winners webpage. This page is a running list of all Marque Excellence winners. It provides a carousel of photos for members to enjoy, as well as a high-resolution gallery for each bike so you can zoom in on details and see what fine specimens these bikes really are. Any judging deductions are noted with an explanation, but since you need 98 points or more to win, those deductions are pretty minor... These Marque Excellence machines serve as a benchmark for other members to reference if they are looking to restore the same year/make/model of motorcycle.

Marque Excellence Winners

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