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Ride to Work Day 2023

Published on 5/26/2023

Ride to Work? Yes, Please

There are a LOT of benefits to riding a motorcycle, not just to the rider but to the community as well. Ride to Work Inc. advocates and supports the increased use of motorcycles for transportation and provides information about transportation riding to motorcyclists and the public.

The idea of showing that old motorcycles are a great way to get to and from the office, shop, factory or job site never goes out of style. So if you plan to ride your antique bike (1985 or older) to work on June 19 to participate in this great community awareness day, we’d love to know about it.

Please share a photo of you and your bike from that day with us for a story that will appear on our website and in our social media. Include a short description with your name, your home town, plus the year and model of the motorcycle. You can even include information about where you work and how far you rode to get to your job if you'd like. And if you're one of those people still working from home, get creative—take a ride that morning that can end with you arriving in your own driveway!

We know June 19th is a holiday and everyone has different work schedules, so if you choose to participate on Sunday or Tuesday instead, that counts too. (We will count it as "Ride to Work Week"...)

Those photos can be sent to: with the subject line “Ride to Work,” or you can tag our "AMCA Crew" Customer Service team on Facebook if you share it on your own social media.

You can learn more about Rid to Work's mission here: 

Ride your motorcycle on Ride To Work Day June 19, 2023 and demonstrate:
– The number of motorcyclists to the general public and politicians
– Motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of life
– Motorcyclists can reduce traffic congestion in large cities
– Motorcycles are for transportation as well as recreation

Motorcycle and Scooter commuting and utility transportation riding:

  • Reduces traffic and parking congestion
  • Consumes fewer resources per mile, per commuter than typical automobiles
  • Results in less environmental impacts
  • Is less destructive to road surfaces and bridges
  • Allows commuters to get to work (and back home) faster
  • Makes people more alert and engaged than typical automobile drivers
  • Demonstrates motorcycling as a social good

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